Are You Smart Enough To Pass This Hit-The-Dot Test?

re You Smart Enough To Pass This Hit-The-Dot Test?

Look at the dots and pick the one in the middle. Good luck!

Out of our five senses sight is the one we rely on most. Yet how reliable is your eye sight? Take this test to figure out if it is time to visit the doctor or if your sense is spot on! With our reliance on modern technology, all the television we watch, and being glued to our tiny smartphones, we are only hurting our chances of maintaining strong vision for life. But how much can we do to help improve our eye strength?

Eye sight relies not only on your eyes, but the visual perception part of your brain that helps us process what we are seeing. Constantly testing that aspect of your brain in new ways may actually help your eye sight overall!

This test will not only show you where you need to improve, but also help you improve your eye sight as you take it. Stare at each image and pick the dot you think is exactly in the middle. Don’t sit there and count each dot, try and visually spot the middle point as quickly as you can. The longer it takes you the worse your vision is!