Can You ACTUALLY See All The Colors Of Autumn?

Can you see beyond shades of red, orange, and yellow?

Fall is here and so are all the beautiful colors that come with it! Leaves are already falling to the ground and making a mess on our lawns, but visually the effects are astounding. Fall is often overlooked as a mark of the end of warm weather, but in many ways it is invigorating.

Trees turn all shades of red, yellow, orange, pink, purple, blue, black, and brown. Each leaf is unique, much like a snowflake. And in many ways, the colors of fall serve as a relaxing image and help us forget the impending doom that winter promises to bring. But the real question is, are you actually seeing all the colors on the trees?

Use this test to see how easily you pick up on subtle color changes. If you find yourself struggling to determine which color doesn’t fit, then you may need to get your vision tested.