Only 7% Of Americans Know The Capitals Of These 24 US States

How Many State Capitals Can You Guess Correctly?

Check your knowledge of American geography

Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire…. How many of you remember the Fifty Nifty United States song? Learning our country’s history and how the states came to be is just another part of our education system. Yet how many of us actually remember all the states? Moreover, how many of us remember (or ever knew) the capitals?

Just because a city is well known, doesn’t mean it is the capital of its respective state. In many cases – the biggest city in a state is indeed NOT the capital. So how does the capital get chosen? In most cases, they were chosen well before modern day metropolises developed.

Now it’s time to prove to your friends who the smartest person is! Take this test to see how many capitals you can name. Only seven percent of Americans got this completely correct. Are you one of them? It’s Okay if you fail – blame it on public education.