13 Strangers Share Their Most Terrifying Paranormal Encounters

Terrifying Ghost Encounters

What’s to fear? We all know that Ghosts and the paranormal are all figments of imaginary minds – right? We’ve found 13 people who have no doubt. They know ghosts are real.

Whether you believe it or not, many claim to have had personal experiences with the afterlife. Are they crazy or are you? What do you believe? Maybe these 13 hair-raising tales will sway your opinion. Apologies in advance for your lack of sleep tonight.

1. Window To The Soul

Terrifying Ghost Encounters
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A hunter out stalking gets lost late one night, can’t find his way back to his truck. He’s stumbling over brambles and thickets in search of it when he finds a little one-room cabin, maybe the size of a deer-blind but not much bigger. Shelter. He tries the door and finds it is unlocked. He takes it for a communal trail lodge. The lights don’t work but it’s warm enough inside.

So he sets down his pack and finds his way to the bed in the dark. As he’s drifting off to sleep, his eyes slowly adjust to the darkness, and he notices that there’s a few portraits on the wall. The faces in them are strange, and he half-dreams they’re staring at him.

In the morning he wakes to find that the cabin has no paintings. Only windows.


2. Hello – Is Anyone There?

Terrifying Ghost Encounters
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Happened to me about two years ago. I am a high school teacher and make a regular habit of staying late into the evening. On one particular night, I left somewhere around 8 PM. It’s pitch black since no one has bothered to fix the lights in this part of the school (facilities spending wasn’t prioritized that year).

I am not too bothered by the dark, as I am used to leaving at this time. I turn left from my door toward the quad and the front parking lot beyond it. On my left is my building, on the right are the backs of some portable classrooms. There’s about 10 feet of space between both, all the way to the end of this outside “hallway.”

I start walking, thinking about tests or the drive home, etc. when I hear some rapid footsteps behind me. They were far off, like someone just turned the corner at the opposite end of my building. I don’t think much of it since it’s not unusual for some dance team or club to stay late practicing. Just some kids running around. I keep walking and don’t turn around. The steps get louder and louder, sounding closer. The kids are coming my way. I can hear the echo of someone’s running footsteps on the concrete walkway bouncing off the walls on either side.

Closer and closer, they are about to run right past me. I anticipate someone will pass right by me on my right so I move a little to the left. And then just as the footsteps sound right behind me and I await whomever, the footsteps completely stop. 

That’s when I get spooked and stop walking. I turn around quickly and no one is there. I literally spin around twice to try to see where they went and still no one. It’s still like 50 feet to the opening between the portables and my building, probably another 200 or so to the far end. There was nowhere for people to hide or disappear to.

My only explanations are ghosts or auditory hallucination related to overwork. I got those lights fixed within a year.PharaohStree


3. Top Of The Morning To You

Terrifying Ghost Encounters
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When I was growing up until the age of 10 we lived in a very haunted house. So one morning I wake up at like 4 AM. I was only 8 and I couldn’t fall back asleep so I went into the basement to play some video games. I do that for about 2 hours and I get bored. The sun is starting to come up so I make my way to the laundry room and start throwing darts at a dart board my dad had.

So I’m doing that for about 20 minutes and then finish only to turn around and see a man in a top hat dressed like he was from the 1930s standing there. He tips his hat, smiles, then walks away. I was just frozen and in shock. Told my dad about it later when I was 15 and my dad said “holy shit, you saw him too?”


4. What Are You Doing In My Kitchen?

Terrifying Ghost Encounters
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This happened when I was 8 and it sticks with me to this day. So that summer I would go over to my friend’s house once every week I think it was, he was always into the freaky deaky paranormal stuff and would consider some real stretches to be “paranormal”. Interesting times in 3rd grade, but even then I thought he was a little nuts.

So we’re playing PS3 as usual this particular day, and I ran to the kitchen to grab something to drink. Turned the corner going into the kitchen and saw a distinct-looking old man staring at me angrily for about 5 seconds and then disappeared. I still can’t comprehend both the event and how I didn’t shit myself.


5. Grandpa – Is That You?

Terrifying Ghost Encounters
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An aunt of mine told me a story. She said that when she used to be at home raising my cousins, she would always, from the corner of her eye, see an older man wearing suspenders. He would sit somewhere around the house my aunt could always see that he was smiling and happy. She said it weirdly brought her comfort.

Then one day she notices the man seemed a little upset and she got a call later that day that her grandfather was sick in the hospital. It went on for a while where the man’s mood would change depending on the condition of her grandfather, until one day he just disappeared. That was the day her grandfather died. She never did see the man again.


6. If You Want To Ride, Get Your Own Skateboard

Terrifying Ghost Encounters
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Not terrifying but pretty spooky. Just moved into a new house, decided to try and decorate my room. Hung up one of my skateboard decks just above my bed head.

That very night I randomly woke up (I’m usually a very very heavy sleeper) and rolled over to check my phone that was on the other side of the bed.

As I checked the time the skateboard fell and would have landed directly on my head if I was still asleep, it was 3:43am. I know people say the devil’s hour is between 3 and 4, but I feel whatever woke me up has my back so hopefully Satan wasn’t messing with me.


7. Why Does This Stuff Always Happen in Basements?

Terrifying Ghost Encounters
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This one is my husband’s. He was home alone after school one day, probably about 11-12 years old at the time and was playing video games in his basement in South Dakota when something hit him in the back. He turned around and found a crumpled piece of paper behind him.

He thought it was someone who had come home early trying to pull a prank on him, but he went through the house and didn’t see anyone. Then he realized he would have heard the alarm system beep if someone had come in, and lo and behold, the alarm system was still set.

It freaked him out to the point that he ran across the street to a neighbor’s house until someone came home. He had always felt uncomfortable in that basement and never really went down there much after that, especially alone.


8. Hey – Do You Hear Music?

Terrifying Ghost Encounters
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My brother and I were at home by ourselves later at night, we were probably around 11 and 16 years old. The house was a bungalow and had a hallway that separated the three bedrooms from the kitchen/living and dining rooms. We were watching TV in the living room when the stereo in my room started blasting. 

This is not the first time this has happened (there was also a jewelry box that would play music that would go off from time to time as well). I hate when this happens and the hallway light doesn’t always turn on (that’s another story) so I just ran as fast as I could to go turn off my stereo.

As I get towards the end of the hallway I feel like I ran right into something and I got knocked backwards to the ground so hard that I hit the back of my head on the floor. Freaked us both right out.


9. Doggie

Terrifying Ghost Encounters
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So this story directly involves me but since I was 2 at the time, I’ll tell it in the perspective of my mum. About 3 years before I was born, mum lived with her parents in a large home with a big backyard (rural property), they had a very old dog, that must have been at least 15 years old. One day, while they are having dinner, the dog strolls outside to the back yard, sits down to sleep and passes away.

Fast forward a few years when I’m visiting my grandparents, I’m playing in the backyard with my mum when I walk over to the exact place where the dog died years prior, point at the spot and say “doggy”

There was no grave, no markings and no way I could have known that’s where the dog died.


10. Get Your Hands Off Of My Baby

Terrifying Ghost Encounters
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True story: the other night my 2.5 year old started crying, and calling out, “mommy mommy!” I walked over to her room and opened the door, and there, standing next to her crib, hands on the rails, and leaning in, I saw the shape of a person, it was whitish bluish kinda made of light. I froze and blinked a few times, wide eyed, and suddenly one blink and it was gone. My daughter then stood up and reached out for me. The whole time it was there though she was lying down.


11. Guys – I Think We Should Stop Taunting Timmy

Terrifying Ghost Encounters
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My cousin and I were drinking a beer in the kitchen while our roommate was laying on the couch watching TV.

Now, we knew there was a little boy’s ghost in the house; we had heard him before. We also knew there were other ghosts, his previous roommate/ex-gf would see them in the bathroom when she was in the shower and she was actually pushed a few times while getting ready. Anyways, we had named the little boy Timmy.

That night, I set the beer salt on its side and jokingly said “Timmy, if you’re really here I want you to spin this beer salt.” my cousin told me to stop taunting him; nothing happened. As we let out a nervous laugh, ALL the doors in the house, front door, bedroom doors, bathroom doors, slammed open. Our roommate jumped from one couch to the other and into the living room. The front door had the dead bolt on, all the windows were shut, there was no wind.

We never taunted Timmy after that.


12. Hmmm, Who is this Kid I Keep Seeing?

Terrifying Ghost Encounters
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When I was a kid I frequently saw a shadow of a boy standing upright. It happened maybe 10 times and happened only when I was alone at home and looked up from the ground or walked around a corner. He wouldn’t move or say anything and I would freak out and run away every time. I never told anyone cause I was a kid and didn’t understand if maybe something was just wrong with me. 

We moved when I was 10 and all I could think about was hoping I wouldn’t keep seeing him at the new house. Never saw him again. When I grew up a bit I finally told my mom what I saw and she said the family before us in that house moved out cause their kid died from choking on some candy. I’m 29 now, currently a physician who sees death and dying a lot but I’ve never had a repeat of those experiences I had as a kid. As much as I want to think I made it up in my head or whatever the images are burned in my brain…


13. If You Hang Around Long Enough, You’ll See Things

Terrifying Ghost Encounters
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I was hiking through some woods. As I looked around I thought I could see someone hanging from a tree, as in suicide hanging. I walked over to the tree but it’s gone. I thought I was going crazy, but I did some research and someone hung themselves from the same tree I thought I saw the body from. Still gives me chills.