What Type Of Witch Would You Be?

What Type of Witch Would You Be?

Take this quiz to find out.

If you were a witch, would you be good, evil, or a little bit of both? Would you use your powers for yourself or to help others? The answer to that question may surprise you!

Theory says witches are able to use magic, spells, ancient wisdom, and other potent practices to influence and affect the world around them. Whether this is true or not, the practice of witchcraft has been around for centuries and even impacted the creation of the United States of America.

Today, countless TV shows are based on this mythology, and people can’t seem to get enough of it!

Interestingly enough, the most well-known witches throughout history have been women. They are thought to be strong, intelligent, independent, and charming women. Yet some use their powers for dark magic while others help society. Which type do you think you would be? Here are the types: dark, benevolent, solitary, eclectic, superior.

Take this quiz to find out what type you would be and make sure to share with friends!